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A Ring Within a Field

Book 2 of the IFF Series

As Sarah returns to campus for her final semester, the pain from the past months seems to fade away in the rearview mirror. With a renewed sense of life on the horizon, she works to adjust to the surrounding world where new romances begin and others end as unknown truths surface. Amidst the wedding bells chiming for one couple, the dreams of a baby flashes before another. With multiple surprises in a world of second chances, which ones will come to fruition when life as she knows it becomes something she never imagined? 

If and Only If

Book 1 of the IFF Series

Among the vast mountain ranges in the city of Beval, Yemington University is a second home to Sarah Mills and her friend Emily Ellis. As they enter their senior year, and final season of cross country, the pressure builds on their quest for a spot at Nationals. As the grasp of autumn takes a tighter grip over the mountains, Sarah finds herself being pulled away from her self concerned manners, toward a guy on her team. However, the closer she gets, the more her life begins to change. Will Sarah be able to stay true to herself? If and only if...

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